C-141 Final Flight Orders

Remembering those who served with us


by Brad Baker


When the last checklists run and the bag drag is done, 

I'll reminisce on the days I once knew,

I won't remember the oh-three-hundred alerts,

But only that I flew!

I will not remember the crew rest in tents,

Nor recall how cold Arctic winds blew,

And I'll try not to remember the times I got sick,

But only that I flew!

I will never forget when nature became angry,

To challenge my intrepid crew,

I'll always remember the fear I felt,

And the pride in knowing I flew.

I'll remember the sights my mortal eyes saw,

All colored in multiple hues,

Those beautiful lights on cold winter lights,

Seen only by those who flew.

God was extremely good to me,

He let me touch his face,

He saw my crew through war and peace,

And blessed us with His grace.

So when I stand at St. Peter's Gate,

And tell him that I'm new,

I know he'll smile and welcome me,

Because he knows



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